Born in Detroit and raised either in Detroit or just a couple of streets N of 8 mile I have spent the vast majority of my life around and in the city.  Back in my youth my friends and I would take mental health days from school and head to the Fox theater where we would watch old karate movies for a buck or two all day.  Back then the mighty Fox was in rough shape with large portions of the seats missing and many a homeless person catching a snooze.  At that time the rest of the city was in rough shape but still had some wonderful spots around town.  However, in my perspective the gems were overshadowed by the blight.  Over the years we would hear the mantra "the city's coming back"   there would be a lot of hoopla maybe an inept rail system that would run the circumference of a football field  then back to the same old same old.  Is this time any different then the rest?  I'm here to tell you YES.   Last weekend my son and I went down on a Friday night for a concert.  We spent hours walking around the new center area as I recanted stories of my youth with him and it was great!  The next day my 12 year old daughter and I went to the farmers market in Eastern Market.  Afterwards we checked out a crazy group of drivers participating in an event called the "Gambler 500"and it was awesome!  Going to the city and doing things with my kids is not an unusual event, but now there is a difference, an energy, a vibrant mood.  Groups of people hanging out in open bars and restaurants not for any particular event but just they're just hanging out.  People from other states talking about how cool it is to be in the D.  Back when I was a kid if there wasn't an event going on the downtown area became a ghost town.  Not anymore! I would encourage you to check out Detroit and when you hear the hoopla "Detroit's coming back" this time you may want to believe it.

Rich Sparks

Keller Williams Realty